FullSizeRenderNeyland Stadium was rockin’ as expected on SaUTrday, bUT the Vols jUsT coUdn’T get it done against Florida in 2014, bUT wait UnTil next time. I’ve watched a lot of Tennessee football in my day. I haven’t missed a single home game since 1982. I’ve watched the Vols win in dominating fashion over many opponents, fight competitively with much stronger teams (winning and losing), and play in other games to the level of other opponents. Sadly, I have also watched them compete in some games that were decided by what appeared to be poor officiating. This year, the Vols have lost to Oklahoma, Georgia and Florida. It is my impression that NONE of those teams acUTally beat the Vols. Instead, the Vols beat themselves. They made too many yoUTful mistakes and failed to capitalize on too many of the opportUniTies that made come their way. And do you know what? . . . I am OK with it. Our time (their time) will come. As bUTch Jones is re-building the program one brick at a time, some of the “bricks” that mUsT be layed at the foUndaTion mUsT be lessons learned through the adversity of games that were lost when they could have (should have) won. It’s great to be a Tennessee Vol. Our time will come. In the meantime, click the image for a larger view of Neyland checkered.

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