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Dear Vol Navy,
I have a humble request. My name is Andrew Alexander, and I’m a sports writer & radio host from New Orleans, Louisiana. I am writing a book about SEC football & fandom, and this fall I’m traveling to every SEC stadium as part of my research. I’ll be attending the Tennessee – App State game next Thurs to kick off the SEC tour. Part of the book is about what makes each SEC fanbase unique – fun traditions, people, cheers, restaurants, landmarks, attire etc. If possible, I would love the chance to come aboard one of the vessels of the Vol Navy fleet before the Tennessee game, interview the captain & just observe the pregame happenings of some lively Volunteer fans. Would this be possible? I would be forever grateful.

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WBIR Looking for a Host

Lee Ann Bowman is the producer for Channel 10 in Knoxville. We would very much like to see about being live with the Vol Navy on the first home game (September 1) if this is something that we can work on, I would very much like to talk with someone. Thank you very much!

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Remote Area Medical (RAM) Knoxville Looking for Help!

RAM Knoxville is a charity in Knoxville providing free medical and disaster relief.  They are in need of small shallow draft boats for disaster relief during floods.  If you are no longer using your boat, contact RAM about making a tax deductible donation.  They are looking for boats, trailers and/or outboard motors.

Contact Stan Brock, 865-579-1530, or email him at