About Us

Ahoy boating, fishing & water enthusiasts! This is the Official Website of the VOL Navy Boaters’ Association formed in 2002.

Some of us own small fishing boats. Some of us own larger vessels. Some of us own no watercraft at all, but we all share an appreciation for the natural beauty and enjoyment we experience whenever we spend time on the water.

Whether you own a boat or wish you owned a boat, membership in our organization is FREE.

Membership Benefits include:

  • Full access to our Association Website– featuring community news, informative boating articles, a community calendar, classified ads, recipes, images and more.
  • Inclusion in our Members Only Directory– providing helpful networking information provided by our members, including: contact information, occupations, boat information and other shared common interests.
  • Privileged authorization to Publish Contenton the site, including news, stories, event announcements, classified ads, images, recipes and more.
  • Invitation to Social Events hosted by the Association and smaller groups of members within the Association.

Donations to help maintain the web site are always appreciated. Individuals (or organizations) who wish to make donations are encouraged to click on the “Donate” button below.



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