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All VOL Cheese

All Vol Cheese

Smokey knows everything about UT – especially about what’s happening on the Ag Campus.  This week he reached out to tell us about ALL VOL CHEESE, produced at Sweetwater Valley Farm and marketed by the University of Tennessee Food Science & Technology Department.  Students from the department are gaining valuable experience as interns manufacturing this local cheese at Sweetwater Valley Farm.  Through hands on experience in the “cheese business”, they are learning valuable business skills, including: market demand, pricing, profitability, logistics, marketing, and selling.

The ultimate goal is to bring back the tradition of great products manufactured by the old UT Creamery.  A new UT Creamery would use milk from the UT Dairies to produce cheese, ice cream, and yogurt.  A new state-of-the art facility would help make UT graduates even more competitive in the food processing and dairy products industries.

An ALL VOL CHEESE representative will be visiting the VOL Navy to deliver pre-sold orders prior to the South Carolina  game (November 7).  Pick up will be at the Gazebo in the center of the VOL Navy Docks between 12:00 and 2:00. Pre-Sales can be made by contacting Thomas Frederick at TFreder1@vols.utk.edu.  Order Checker Board Mild Cheddar, Gameday Sharp Cheddar, Torchbearer Jalapeno, or Smokey’s Smoked Gouda TODAY!

If you will not be attending the games you can also order at the UT Food Science & Technology Website.

Boom’s Day 2015, Boater’s Guide


  • Due to the Knoxville Powerboat Classic, Calhoun’s docks will be closed to the public from midnight on Thursday, September 3rd until 7:00pm on Saturday, September 5th.
  • Due to the Knoxville Powerboat Classic, Ned McWherter /Riverside Park and boat ramp will be closed to the public beginning at 9:30am on Friday, September 4th until 5:30pm on Saturday, September 5th.
  • University of Tennessee boathouse docks are by permit only – SOLD OUT.
  • City docks will be closed on Sunday, September 6th.  Mooring at the City docks will be open after the fireworks with officers from TWRA directing the largest vessels into place first.
  • On Sunday, September 6th, docking at Calhoun’s is monitored by TWRA for access to the river channel.
  • No general public shore access will be available via the Volunteer Landing steps.
  • No wake zone will be enforced from the orange railroad trestle to the South Knoxville Bridge until midnight on Sunday, September 6th.
  • Boats should be in place prior to 9:00pm as traffic on the channel between the UT Boathouse and the Henley Bridge will be very limited until after the fireworks end. The main channel of the river will be completely closed from 9:00pm until after the fireworks.
  • Boaters may be ticketed if navigational lights aren’t working, children under 13 aren’t wearing a life-jacket, fire extinguishers aren’t in working order or there aren’t enough personal flotation devices for every person on board plus one throwable device.