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A View of YOUR Boat Sailgating?


VNBAHere is a great opportUniTy to capture a breathtaking view (and some photos) of your boat sailgating at the Vol Navy – from the middle of the river!  It is also a chance for your guests to get oUT and move around in the harbor on game day.

The Queen Priscilla will be offering 45-minUTe “public” Vol Navy Cruises on home football weekends. Like our regular Harbor cruises, these cruises will be operated in the downtown area, but mainly near the vessels assembled for the famed Vol Navy.

Boarding passes for our public Vol Navy Cruises are jUsT $10/passenger.  A minimum of 2 passengers is required for a cruise up to a maximum of 6. Boarding passes are issued on a first reserved – first boarded basis. Depending on the number of seats reserved, passengers may include a mixture of enthusiastic fans supporting both teams.  The best way to make sure your cruise is ALL VOL is to reserve all 6 seats!

Because of limited seating and the limited number of cruises offered each weekend, securing your reservation several weeks or months in advance is highly recommended. To schedule a cruise, please call 865-312-9000. If you reach our answering machine, please leave a specific message regarding the requested date & time for your cruise and the number of guests in your party.  Friday Vol Navy Cruises begin at 3 pm. The final Friday Vol Navy Cruise departs at 10:30 pm.  Saturday Vol Navy Cruises begin 4 hours prior to kickoff for early afternoon games, earlier in the day for night games. The final Saturday Vol Navy Cruise always departs 2 hours prior to kickoff.

Other Information . . . If you have other questions, we may be reached by telephone at (865) 312-9000. If you prefer to use email, send your information request to: Captain@TennesseeBoatLine.com

The walk from our docking location (the “steps” at Volunteer Landing) to Neyland Stadium along the Neyland Greenway is only 0.4 mile (about 9 minUTes). Here is a map:

Neyland Map Walk

HoUseboaT for Sale . . .

KokoAtCityView6Featured in numerous printed articles and video programs, the KokOasis has been a flagship at the Vol Navy for the last 7 years.  Custom built by Sharpe Houseboats in 2008, she has performed beautifully as a live-aboard her entire life.   Now, since the owners have moved into a condo, she is offered for sale.  Whether she is eventually purchased by a single owner or a group of investment partners, she is ready to continue service as a perfectly appointed live-aboard or entertainment venue.  View details, photos and video at: http://yournewboat.com/08Sharpe16x75WBTNVL/index.htm

FullSizeRenderNeyland Stadium was rockin’ as expected on SaUTrday, bUT the Vols jUsT coUdn’T get it done against Florida in 2014, bUT wait UnTil next time. I’ve watched a lot of Tennessee football in my day. I haven’t missed a single home game since 1982. I’ve watched the Vols win in dominating fashion over many opponents, fight competitively with much stronger teams (winning and losing), and play in other games to the level of other opponents. Sadly, I have also watched them compete in some games that were decided by what appeared to be poor officiating. This year, the Vols have lost to Oklahoma, Georgia and Florida. It is my impression that NONE of those teams acUTally beat the Vols. Instead, the Vols beat themselves. They made too many yoUTful mistakes and failed to capitalize on too many of the opportUniTies that made come their way. And do you know what? . . . I am OK with it. Our time (their time) will come. As bUTch Jones is re-building the program one brick at a time, some of the “bricks” that mUsT be layed at the foUndaTion mUsT be lessons learned through the adversity of games that were lost when they could have (should have) won. It’s great to be a Tennessee Vol. Our time will come. In the meantime, click the image for a larger view of Neyland checkered.

Breaking, errr “FIXING” News . . .

Great News for everyone who is a part of the VOL Navy! After 3 long years of waiting, the Queen Priscilla just discovered that the VOL Navy Docks have finally been restored to their original configuration. The City of Knoxville and SoUThern Shores deserve a big THANK YOU for getting the job done in time for the 2014 UT Football Season. Go VOLS & Go VOL Navy! Click the image to the left to catch a glimpse of the full length of the upriver end of the docks.