VOL Navy Emergency Response Team

By Chip Hatcher,
I don’t have a boat, but I wonder if there is any interest in forming a Vol Navy Emergency Boat Squadron (like the Cajun Navy) to assist during times of emergency as in what is happening in the Carolinas right now. It is the Volunteer State, and I’m sure we have plenty of people who don’t necessarily boat to the games, but could be a part of the VN through this type of program. I’m sure our neighboring states, who get pounded by huricanes and storms, would appreciate our help in times of need. Just a suggestion.

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Interview Request?

I’m a writer for TVA.com and I’m working on a story about the Vol Navy (go Vols!). I’d like to do an interview with someone who can talk about the Vol Navy broadly. Would you be willing to do a brief phone interview? If so, please call me at 865-632-2131. Thanks, and have a great day.

Hillari Dowdle
Communications Consultant
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(865) 632-2131 (w)
(865) 599-6989 (m)

Searching for a VOL Navy Invite . . .

Dear Volunteer Navy Boater’s Assn:

This may be a strange request, but we are fishing for an invite to join one of your members to boat to one of your games this year.  I’ll buy the beer or make the appropriate donation to the Navy.

My wife and I own a Bayliner 4788 “Checkered Flag” – we are long-term UW Husky season ticket holders (60+ years in the family) and have boat moorage at all home Husky games.   (Pictures to show we’re not making this up).  Also, Drone footage of arrival at Husky Stadium:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MV6WZcXUyXc

We recently retired from our law firm; and are taking this fall off to travel to SEC games – starting with the Husky-Auburn game in Atlanta on September 1.    We will be in the Southeast from then until Christmas and are most likely to land in Knoxville for the UTEP game on September 15 (but can adjust).  We’ll plan on getting our own tickets on stub-hub.

Would love to participate in this experience and will kindly reciprocate for someone coming our way in future seasons.

Best regards, Kevin and Alicia Austin, CheckeredFlag@AeroRV.com

UPDATE, Vol Navy Docks Remodel

The City of Knoxville is working with TWRA on the Vol Navy Dock replacement. The city has not “received” any funds yet but the project has been earmarked by TWRA. The City and UT will provide the matching funds for the grant. We have design and budget ready, The City is just waiting on TWRA to confirm how the funds will be provided, which may not happen until after October 1. Regardless, the docks will not be replaced until after the 2018 football season ends.