VOL Navy Protocol

Welcome to the VOL Navy!

The VOL Navy is a loose knit community of boaters and people that love the water who congregate at the docks outside Neyland Stadium. There is no formality to it yet all people that attend the Navy treat each other as a family. It is quite special.

Dockage is on a first come, first serve basis. No reservations required. The only protocol is for the larger boats to moor up to the docks; the smaller boats tie off from them. The lines of boats can reach up to 13 vessels into the river. The only limitation to the size of the line is the river channel. No boats can tie up beyond the sail line. The Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency (TWRA) makes it easy, monitors the area and simply helps control that.

We host yachts as large as 110 feet long to 4′ kayaks.   Be mindful of that if you need to be next to the docks and plan accordingly.  Larger boats must arrive as early as possible to secure dock side mooring.   Some begin arriving as early as Tuesday of game week.

When you arrive, you simply identify a preferred boat to tie up to (one that would match your length or be slightly larger) and slowly approach. If the boat you choose is occupied, the owners will certainly see you and come out to help. If the boat is unoccupied, simply tie up to them (no one will mind, and you will make great friends).

There is one rule to follow, be courteous at all times.  Approach slowly (no wake), if people are present on the boat you choose to tie up to, ask first, and be respectful of the time (parties tend to be over by midnight – no loud noise after midnight).

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